Sunday, January 16, 2011

Comparing: Lancome Hypnose Drama VS Too Faced Lash Injection

Hello everyone!
Today I'll be comparing  LHD and TFLI.(The names are a bit long so I'll be referring to them like this)


For me the Lancome one is far better. It's sleek, classy and really pretty. So the winner of the TUBE round is LANCOME.


I originally bought Lash Injection because of the brush; it is so big and thick I thought it could easily replace my Lancome mascara. But after using both I must say Drama is better. It separates my lashes, makes them long and thick. Winner of the BRUSH round is again LANCOME.

  A)Lancome Hypnose Drama: This mascara makes my lashes look like I have falsies on. After two coats I have the blackest,fullest,thickest lashes ever. It smells nice although at 34 USD it is a bit pricey but totally worth the money

  B)Too Faced Lash Injection: Another good mascara. I will be fair with this one; it is good, good enough that I choose to use everyday at school. It gives a more subtle result than Drama yet it still separates, thickens and elongates. Two cons though: Smells really funny. At first I couldn't get past the smell. Secondly at the end of the day it flakes like HELL. Seriously when I take it off I have flakes all over. This one is at 20 USD plus is not tested on animals :) and that means a lot me. I'll buy it again for sure.

                    TOO FACED: B-B+
Lancome is definitely better than Lash BUT if you want a cheaper alternative that gives a more subtle effect than go for the Lash. If you can bear the smell. And the flakiness.

Until next time


  1. I think $20 is a lot to spend on a mascara that flakes (and smells funny :P). I think there might be cheaper alternatives if you're OK with the flaking part... it's something I can't stand! hahaa

    Even though LHD costs more, at least it seems like it's super worth it to you!


  2. Well at least it flakes at the end of the day and not throughout haha :)