Monday, February 21, 2011

NYX HD Studio Foundation

Lately everybody is raving about HD foundations. Somewhat affected by bloggers and Youtubers urging us to buy  Makeup forever HD I decided to buy a cheaper alternative.(I love NYX anyways) So here it is. NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation.

The bottle is light and doesn't look cheap or high end either. The foundation is really nice and creamy, almost velvety. It blends like a dream. I'd say coverage is medium and buildable but it didn't cover a spot Ihad on my cheek completely. It gives you a nice dewy glow but it's not matte; if you're oily like me you need to set it.

  • Nice, soft texture
  • Photographs well (HD effect)
  • It says it reduces lines and wrinkles(I have none so I can't really say :/ )
  • Gives dewy glow
  • Medium coverage
  • Cruelty free (Yeay!)
  • Paraben and talc free
  • Cheap (15$)
  • The bottle is so-so
  • Needs setting/not matte
How much you need it? It's a really good and cheap foundation so I'd say around 70-80% maybe even more. I'm a bit biased cause it's not tested on animals. :P

Until next time,


  1. What shade is this in? I've been thinking about buying it but I just can't figure out which shade to pick.

  2. It's in 02 Soft beige. I thought that I am not light enough for shade 01 Nude so I chose the second lightest and it worked out fine.