Sunday, March 6, 2011

NYX Mega Shine lipgloss in Spunge cake review

One of the nicest lipglosses I ever had. It's pigmented and smooth to apply. It smells really candy,fresh like to me yet some people might not like it. The shade is perfect for all skin types; a natural, bronze color. At 6$ this enormous lipgloss is a steal. ; )


  • Cheap 
  • Plenty of product in the tube
  • Nice pigmentation and color
  • Fresh smell that some people might not like
How much do you need it? 100% if you're OK with the smell, I'm definitely gonna try some more shades.


  1. I really like NYX Megashine glosses! This looks like a great color :)

  2. Hi Alaeis,

    I bought this a while ago and still haven't worn it! Forgot about it.

    It looks so good on you, and I agree that NYX Megashine lip glosses are amazing - not sticky, affordable, and they have great colours! Even people who don't like lip gloss love these!
    - Mary